As Kasha sits and reflects on the future of her breed, she contemplates when humans will tap into their full potential and open their minds, formulate their own intelligent opinions, based on their own experiences (rather than those of mass media) to the possibilities that exist of amazing connection, love, camaraderie and daily enrichment?


About Michael Brian

We are all about dogs... raising, training, teaching, integrating, collaborating, enjoying, growing, playing... and creating art! We aim to raise the bar in the dog world, all the while, having a great time doing so.
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6 Responses to Reflection…

  1. sholeh says:

    this image is stunning!!

  2. Maria Marrin says:


  3. pinklizard says:

    I also wonder the same thing… It’s interesting how people have ignored the fact that although particular breeds have behavioral dispositions (“what they were bred for”), it does not define a dog’s actual behavior and temperament. Animals who are treated poorly and aggressively will often learn to behave accordingly. Ultimately, a dog’s behavior is more of a reflection of the teaching and treatment of humans than the dog itself- I’m sure that statement would cause a heated debate for some people, but it’s true.

  4. Your comment is actually right on! We are on the same side of the debate. We (our camp) are all about raising awareness of exactly this issue and out to educate and change the world… Hop on and chime in!

  5. pinklizard says:

    I will actually be posting a blog about this very topic soon. I’m just incredibly busy so it’s hard to find the time to gather all the information I want for it. I’ll try to remember to let you know when I post it:-) I’m new to the blogging world, but have a blog dedicated to animal life.

  6. google Tyson Kilmer… he is ALL the info you need to know to gather for your blog… FOR REALS!!! I will check out thewaggingtail… peace

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