Moments like these…

… are brought to you by Dogzlife training!!!

The other night we had a surprise, an always welcome visit, from our neighbor and his 2yr old daughter Sophia. She idolizes our two dogs, Manu, a Weimaraner and Chouka, a Pitbull. She stands in the 2nd story window of her home next door always trying to see if she can catch a glimpse of the dogs playing in our backyard. She wakes up from naps saying only the few words she knows as of yet… Manu & Chouka… as in “where’s Manu Chouka?” She is completely obsessed, and I could not be more pleased.

The reason for Sophia’s obsession, other than the obvious attraction to dogs, is the fact that she has had nothing but amazingly memorable experiences with our dogs… they are always ridiculously gentle with her, and understanding of her pint size nature. They act as if Sophia is a sibling of their own.

We have always been very proactive in our training when Sophia comes by for a visit… dogs always into a down stay the moment Sophia arrives… enforcing the command as she approaches the dogs, and correcting the dogs if their focus should wander for a second. We are ALWAYS on high alert as to the dynamic of the relationship between Sophia and the dogs. It has been over a year now watching Sophia and the dogs grow together… it has been a beautiful thing to watch!

As Sophia now begins to understand a bit more, I am slowly starting to integrate her into activities with the dogs when she is around. Since her impromptu visit was around dinner time the other night, I had her help me feed the dogs. I have been adamant from day one with our dogs that they are to NEVER show any aggression nor a sense of possessive nature around food. That is an automatic, but surprising how many people go to such great lengths to work around those behaviors rather than squash them and integrate proper and acceptable behavior from the beginning.

After Sophia hand fed a few bits of morsels to the dogs (they were ever so gentle in taking it from her hand), she quickly became bored with that activity and was ever so curious as to how they actually ate their food… with their mouths rather than with their hands, as she is used to seeing… I mean remember, to a very young child this is all brand new information for them to absorb. Sophia wanted in for a closer look and literally laid down on her stomach with her head about a foot away from the food bowl as Chouka was devouring her dinner. This could easily be a very tense moment in many households, but not ours. A video demanded to be captured, but i was extremely intent on monitoring the situation, no matter how much i trust my dogs… just being way smart and very connected to the moment… so I was not able to grab any video footage.

My point being to the entire story here is that once again the lifestyle training that Dogzlife provides is so vitally important in the daily life we live. We do not need to work around any bad behaviors, or avoid certain situations due to our dog’s inability to cope. They are always expected to respect what we ask of them and their reward is the yummy lifestyle we provide for them.

I am eternally grateful for the insight and guidance I receive on a daily basis from Tyson Kilmer and the entire Dogzlife community!! If you’re not on the bus yet, get on quick…!!!



About Michael Brian

We are all about dogs... raising, training, teaching, integrating, collaborating, enjoying, growing, playing... and creating art! We aim to raise the bar in the dog world, all the while, having a great time doing so.
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5 Responses to Moments like these…

  1. …another testament to the fact that there are no bad dogs, just lazy ( or misguided) owners.

  2. mindee says:

    Beautiful post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Loved this post. Absolutely agree with your message that it’s important to train the right behaviors as opposed to working around bad ones. I would have loved to have seen pictures of Sophia feeding the dogs. It sounds like a beautiful scene.

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