Dog Hat

I came across this photo recently of a shoot we did a while back. This is John and Lulu… I’ll leave it to you to figure out who is who? Lulu is a hard-working show biz dog (there, I gave it away)… it’s all in a days’ work for her. There is a high demand for what Lulu has to offer a photographer… first, because she is so damn adorable and a breeze to work with, and second, due to the incredible relationship John (her personal trainer… not from the gym) has developed with her, she can do just about anything you can think of. Lulu trusts John whole-heartedly, as is evident in this photo.

Of course, I always like to push the envelope a bit beyond what is the norm. So after witnessing the wonderful behavior and command Lulu displayed throughout an entire day of shooting, I was curious to see just how far Lulu would go… not only in her trust of John, but of me as well… after all, it was my job to put her on John’s head. As you can see, Lulu’s a rock star!! I mean, when’s the last time you had your dog sit on your head? All she needs is those lil’ ear flaps that roll down for the winter and she’s onto something big!!

Here are a few more pics of Lulu’s friends from the days work…

About Michael Brian

We are all about dogs... raising, training, teaching, integrating, collaborating, enjoying, growing, playing... and creating art! We aim to raise the bar in the dog world, all the while, having a great time doing so.
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One Response to Dog Hat

  1. Your work is beautiful… it calms, it transforms, it captures the inner qualities of your subjects. That is indeed very special. Thank you for posting them!

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