The Way I See… Version 1

I shoot so many random photos, mostly with my phone, that never see the light of day. They are interesting in the sense that they document the way I see things on any given day… based on my frame of mind, where I may be that day, how the light may be hitting something or how a sky tells me I just gotta shoot it! They are usually smaller slices of a larger picture… that’s just the way I see it. These pics are certainly a departure from what I usually post, yet they represent another facet of who I am as a visual artist. So here goes…



About Michael Brian

We are all about dogs... raising, training, teaching, integrating, collaborating, enjoying, growing, playing... and creating art! We aim to raise the bar in the dog world, all the while, having a great time doing so.
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4 Responses to The Way I See… Version 1

  1. I totally agree with your post on how you see the world each day. There is so much to see if we take the time to look!

  2. Hello Michael, I love the fact that there is ‘more’ to your photography and ‘you’. Don’t get me wrong; I love your incredible ability with dogs (both physically and in picture form) however, there’s always more to each of us; I’m glad that you are willing to show this part too.. 😉

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