The Way I See… Version 2

In all my years living in NYC, I can’t imagine how many times I had this same scene in front of my face. But it was not until a recent trip back to the big bad city did I actually shoot it this time. For some reason, it had a different kind of romance to it… or maybe I was just psyched to get outta there and back to the warmer westside of the country. So pot holes and all on the Triborough Bridge (and damn, there were a lot of ’em… I’m not even sure there was any road left), I managed to hold this steady enough, in the back of a cab that was lacking any knowledge of what it meant to have shocks on each wheel, to have things all fall into the frame just right.

About Michael Brian

We are all about dogs... raising, training, teaching, integrating, collaborating, enjoying, growing, playing... and creating art! We aim to raise the bar in the dog world, all the while, having a great time doing so.
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1 Response to The Way I See… Version 2

  1. Wow… captured what I ‘feel’ when I attune to that ‘big bad city’ 😉 … well caught

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